It’s with a heavy heart we report the necessity to canvas members of the public to solicit reports, in strictest confidence, on any issue they have encountered with members of staff or management at North Wales Shooting School deliberately trying to stifle and spoil our business. This can take the form of refusing to provide a telephone number when requested, denying our existence on the site, sending elsewhere without telling you we are based there, or indeed any issue you feel would negatively impact on us. We believe there has been a concerted, malicious and vindictive campaign waged against us designed to seriously impact our business and personal integrity and we are looking at taking legal action as this has now escalated into us being forced to leave our current location without consultation or agreement. Whilst we have built and are working from an additional location this is mainly to gain more space as we have been restricted, but our primary location remains Sealand and we will not be forced from this location by malice and vindictiveness. We also believe we are being made scapegoats and are being apportioned blame over the business at NWSS decling alarmingly and we are being held responsible for this decline instead of those who should be held responsible. If you have any information you think relevant or an opinion on why you may not now deal with NWSS, please make us aware, in the strictest of confidence of the details. FULL details of ALL that has transpired will be listed and made public here on this page and elsewhere, detailing how previous issues involving sexually inapprprotae behaviour towards a teenager and our exposure of this sleazy activity by middle aged men was the main cause of this situation developing as a means of gaining malicious revenge, with manipulation of others. Your email, in strictest confidence unless otherwise indicated, can be sent directly to us
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